As a new patient, please do the following:

  • Complete our New Patient Questionnaire.

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

  • Bring your insurance card.

  • Bring original X-rays, MRI scans and any relevant spine treatment notes.

Cancellations and No Shows

If you fail to keep a confirmed appointment without a 48-hour notice to our office, you may be charged for the appointment.  Your insurance will not cover the missed appointment.  Repeated failure to keep appointments may result in termination of the physician/patient relationship.

Billing Information

Your insurance office visit co-pay is due at the time of service.  We accept all forms of payment.  It is the patient’s responsibility to know their insurance and benefit coverage.

If you do not have insurance coverage, we ask that you prepay for your initial visit, after which you will be responsible to pay for services at the time they are rendered.

If you are being evaluated for a work-related injury, prior written authorization for treatment must be obtained before scheduling an appointment.  We will work with your worker’s compensation carrier thereafter for any additional services suggested by your physician.

You will receive a monthly statement stating your current balance. Note that your payment is requested by the due date listed on the statement. Please keep your account current as we routinely turn all accounts that are 120 days and older to a collection agency unless other arrangements have been made.

Letters/Disability Forms

Due to changes in health care reimbursement, any requests for correspondence such as letters of medical necessity, appeals to insurance companies, disability forms, jury duty letters, school excuses, etc. require a fee in order to process. The form fee is $35 for the first page and $15 for each additional page. Appeals/letters will be $150 for a two-page report. For any reports over two pages there will be an additional charge.

Medication Refills

We do not refill medications by telephone. All medication refills must be done in person at a scheduled visit with your SpineCare physician. Please be sure that you are given sufficient medications and/or enough refills to last until your next appointment.