Dan's Story


Describe yourself before your back pain started.

Prior to my injury, I had no issues with back pain, and I was strong and active. One day, I woke up and found that I could barely walk. I had excruciating pain in my low back. From that moment on, I began losing strength in my right leg, and had annoying tingling sensations, or lack of sensation... I prefer not to even think back on that period.

What did you do to try to reduce or control the pain?

I used pain medications, massage, stretching, chiropractic, TENS, and an epidural injection.

How long did you endure symptoms before seeking treatment?:

I received an epidural injection a couple of months after my injury, but it did not provide any relief. I was referred to SpineCare Medical Group. I had known its reputation for years and had decided long ago that if I ever had back surgery, I would turn to SpineCare.

What treatment was successful for you?

X-rays and an MRI revealed a bulging disc, and a consult with Dr. Johnson indicated a microdiscectomy to remove a bit of the disc that had been pressing against my spinal cord.

How was your recovery?

In my opinion, my recovery was fast. I rested at home for about four weeks before beginning to exercise and strengthen myself.

In what ways has treatment changed your life?

I feel like I got my life back. I can walk with a normal gait, exercise and carry heavy objects, including putting the canoe on top of my car. I have some years to go and I want to live life as fully as I can; I have grandchildren and like to be outdoors. This surgery has been remarkable. My experience with Spine Care was unforgettable in the best way possible. Amazing!

What advice would you share with others who have a similar condition?

I would share the advice given by my primary care physician who prepared me for the journey by stating, “When back pain affects a person's gait, I suggest that people consider surgery as an option." I would not hesitate to recommend SpineCare.